The most common zinc available is not the best choice.

Because zinc is a metal it conducts electricity for nerves and does not disolve in water by itself. Zinc must be bound to another molecule to be useful in the body.


Some forms of zinc binding complexes:

  1. Zinc-Glycinate, best form of zinc, may be chelated, bis-glycinate, best type of zinc
  2. Zinc-Glutamate, Avoid, does not imporve zinc status in the body. Most common in stores. Avoid.
  3. Zinc-Picolinate, used in shampoo but not overly active.
  4. Zinc-Citrate, reasonable, helps but not studies because zinc-glycinate is better.
  5. Zinc-Acetate,
  6. Zinc-Orotate,
  7. Zinc-Oxalate,
  8. Zinc-Oxide,
  9. Zinc-Sulfate,

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