Why is my belly fat so hard to get rid of?

Ketone fat will not burn, Aldehyde fat burns when we sleep.

Body fat is stored energy
Stored carbohydrates inside cells
Oxygen is required to release the stored energy
This oxygen must be double bonded to a carbon on the chain
End carbon oxygen - aldehyde
Mid carbon oxygen - ketone

Stored ketone carbohydrates: (Belly Fat)

  • Only used for energy during severe starvation
  • Skin and internal fat, <visceral fat>
  • White fat cells, <white adipose tissue>
  • Difficult to convert to energy
  • Oxygen double bonded to mid chain carbon
  • Talked about in ketogenic diets
  • Ketone fat is high in metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity

Stored aldehyde carbohydrates: (Muscle Fat)

  • Aldehyde fat is the weight we loose when we sleep
  • Neck and shoulder fat
  • Brown fat cells, <brown adipose tissue>
  • Easy to convert to energy,
  • Oxygen double bonded to end chain carbon
  • keeps us warm, no need to shiver when cold
  • Aldehyde fat is easily used for energy by muscles, heart
 Food  Ketone problem
 Aldehyde, no problem
 Protein  white meats  brown / red meats
 Vegetable oil    
 Honey  66%  33%
 Natural sugar  50%  50%
 High Fructose Corn Syrup  43%  
 White rice  0%  100%
 Grains, <fructan>, ketone chain    


In gluten intolerant the culprit is fructans, a ketone carbohydrate.
Fructan intolerance, chains of ketones. Whole wheat,
We cannot digest fructans,
the body cannot use them for energy,
can only be stored as belly fat, no energy

Coming soon, a page on fructans, ketones, aldehydes, and more about nutrition.

short fructans, 2-9 ketones, fructo-oligosaccharides
long fructans, 10+ ketones, inulin
fructans (ketones) are called soluble fiber, added to foods, makes us grow belly fat.
fructans high in wheat, beans, pulses, legumes, nuts.

drying fruit increases the fructan content

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