How does each nerve begin a signal?

Sensory structures, a few examples:

  • skin
  • retina
  • tongue
  • ear drum
  • nerve end
  • many many other types

The sensory structure initiates the nerve signal with:

  1. sodium
  2. potassium
  3. calcium

Sodium, Potassium

  • easy to dissolve in water
  • move quickly, split second stimulation of nerves
  • fast reflexes and quick sensations such as vision, hearing, sports.
  • quick to stop stimulating the nerve, vision, hearing
  • first column of the periodic tabl, <alkali metals>


  • cannot dissolve in water
  • moves slowly, long lasting stimulation of nerves
  • slow reflexes such as heart beat, digestion, bowel movements.
  • slow to stop stimulating the nerve, such as pain
  • second column of the periodic table, <alkali earth metals>

These metals conduct electricity, as do all metals, the definition thereof.



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