All nerves have an outer <neurolemmal> sheath.

  • allows nerve regeneration

Two types of nerves inside the outer sheath

  • myelinated
  • non-myelinated

Myelination is about leaking electrons,
not insulation, as we are constantly misinformed about.

Myelin truth:

We are born without myelination of nerves.
The myelin is laid down as we begin to crawl, communicate and walk.
These activities require huge interaction between billions of nerve cells.
Accomplished by 'leaking' electrons between themselves.

Myelin is about leaking, not insulating.

Why myelin allows leaking of electrons?

  • coordinated nerves, complex muscular activities
  • tongue movements, chewing, talking, babies cannot
  • eye coordination, alignment, focus, babies cannot
  • digestion, complex, coordinated digestive enzymes with content movement, babies cannot
  • rolling over, arm and leg coordination
  • crawling, navigation, complex memory of movements stored in myelin
  • standing up, highly coordinated with inner ear for balance, non-brain muscle activities
  • talking, highly complex, tongue muscles, sounds, brain memory, eye contact, multiple languages

None of these activities are in our genetic code.

Myelin allows learning, memory, personality

Non-myelinated nerves allow simple sensory input to the brain

  • taste
  • smell
  • touch
  • sound
  • temperature
  • not coordination

Most myelin is laid down during the years of learning to crawl, eat, walk, talk
Myelin continues to be laid down throughout adult life, but at a slower rate.
Loss of myelin is seen in dementia and loss of memory.

We need to maintain existing myelin
Can develop more at higher speeds when we learn.
Most myelin is based on physical activities, movement, navigation, coordination.
Higher intelligence is based on myelin and can be increased as we live, or lost, in dementia.
All nerves, with or without myelin, need maintenance.
All nerves can be regenerated if they remain inside the outer <neurolemmal> sheath.
Injuries, surgery can damage the outer sheath, nerves are like a web, multiple pathways, can reroute signals.
Quality of elder life is based on keeping our nerves healthy.
Learn how to develop your nerves, live a better life.

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