Niacin turns on life

  • gives a glowing skin
  • improves mood and joy
  • allows great sleeps

The down side

  • The nicain flush

The niacin 'hot line'.

  1. People call me worred about their hot, red, itchy skin.
  2. We talk a few minutes
  3. I explain a niacin flush
  4. Then I ask, "so how is the flush"
  5. They say, "It's gone, thanks for taking my call, bye"

Then they call back a few days later

  1. I had such a good sleep since that first wild flush
  2. How can I get it back again?
  3. The Niacin 'hot line'

Non-flushing niacin

  • Does NOT work at all
  • just a waste of money
  • Regardless of what they say
  • This is a physical limitation of non-flush niacin
    • not a theory
    • biology is true
    • the effects show results with flushing niacin



I'm Bryon

The Crazy guy.