Copper is a toxin in the body.

  1. When the liver is overloaded in copper we have fatty liver and weight gain.
  2. The liver binds copper, a metal, with an enzyme called <ceruloplasmin>.
  3. When bound up it enters the blood to circulate inactive until it reaches the bowels for ellimination.

'Evedence based medicine' gets this wrong because the evedence shows low blood copper levels without looking at the liver.

  • Low blood copper is mistakenly thought of as a 'lack of copper' when it is a 'lack of enzyme' to hold copper in the blood.

Why a medical study gets it wrong.

  • Blood tests are easy.
  • A liver biopsy is difficult, invasive and expensive.
  • With only a blood test, they 'think' we have low copper levels.
  • Most human disease shows low blood copper and high liver copper

What hapens when we injest extra copper?

  • [citations here]

When the liver copper levels go up the liver gets sick.

  • liver disease
  • Wilson disease, copper storage, stored in ceruloplasmin, required for iron storage
  • Menneier's disease
  • diabetes
  • cancer


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