L-leucine - <proteinogenic> - un-healthy supplement

  • increased risk for Alzheimer's, common dementia
  • causes B-vitamin deficiencies
  • increases cancer tumor growths, particularly prostate
  • interferes with normal blood sugar levels
  • leucine is a BCAA - branched chain amino acid
  • branched chain amino acids increase muscle pain <fibromyalgia>
  • heart diseases with diabetes <cardiometabolic disease>
  • heart failure

Branched chain amino acids {BCAA) to avoid:

  • leucine
  • valine
  • isoleucine

Why do body builders take BCAA?

  • firm muscles
  • constant muscle look
  • "big and hard" mucles

What do BCAA's do to the body?

  • increases sports injuries
  • limits range of motion
  • chronic muscle pain
  • reduced flexibility
  • muscle damage
  • heart damage

Why do supplements contain leucine in capsules?

  • fad
  • trend
  • confusion
  • mis-information
  • fear of magnesium stearate
  • propaganda

Foods with BCAA's:

  • good - all natural proteins, normal food
  • avoid - BCAA supplements, protein powders - whey

Definition; L- and D-:

  • L- is for <Levo-> or Left - <polarized> light spins left  <optical counterclockwise>
  • D- is for <Dextr-> or Right - <polarized> light spins right  <optical clockwise>

Note: studies that found D-leucine to stop seisures in epilepsy have been not true (disproven)


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