Aspartic Acid - <proteinogenic> - un-healthy

Double ended aldehyde, double boned oxygen at both ends, burns nerves

Glutamic acid in non ionic form

Toxin removed by liver enzymes

AST, Aspartic Acid-trans-amine-ase

burns tongue nerves to taste meat like <savory>

highly used in fake meats

very high naturally in soy

when free as a sodium salt it harms nerves

stimulates germs to grow

stimulates phyto-estrogen-like symptoms

loss of gender



chronic fatigue

constant hunger, weight gain

loss of feeling of self preservation, increases suicide thoughts, suicide bombing, references to be given

increases civil unrest, chronic fighting, anger, references to be provided here

Foods high in aspartic acid:

  • soy sauce
  • worchestershire sause
  • oyster sause
  • fish sause
  • egg powder
  • hydrolysed protein
  • powdered protein

liquid amino acids