Why am I so stiff and sore?

Plants protect themselves from animals
by switching a key nitrogen-protein <arginine>
with a structurally defective protein <canavanine>

Symptoms of defective proteins:
  • bruising
  • stiffness
  • leaky gut
  • loss of flexibility
  • loss of eye focus
  • age related disorders
  • defective membranes
Defective nitrogen-proteins affect:
  • hair
  • skin
  • nails
  • teeth
  • nerves
  • bowels
  • arteries
  • muscles
  • tendons
  • stomach
Foods with defective nitrogen-protein;
  • nuts,
  • seeds,
  • beans,
  • legumes,
  • gluten grains.
Why do plants do this?

Plants have been on earth longer than animals
Selection by survival, or extinction
More plants have gone extinct than animals, more selections
Too many animals eat plants into extinction
  - ants, rodents, etc., eat seeds
Plants that weakened animals survived better
Reduced or weak animals eat less plant seeds
Some animals remember, eg. ants tend to avoid chick peas
How does the plant do this?

A critical component of animal movement (eating) is flexibility
Proteins are a chain of building blocks <amino acids>
Our flexibility is based on durable and resilient proteins
Plant survival happened to select out those that made defective building blocks
Concentrated in their seeds to weaken animals


What happens when I eat seeds?

  • Digestion, proteins are broken down into building blocks
  • Building blocks, seeds filled with defective ones, very slight difference
  • Circulated throughout body to build proteins
  • Cells cannot detect the difference between good and defective blocks
  • Mass assembly, billions of proteins are made daily.
  • Defective proteins made from seed building blocks
What happens over time?

Wear and tear, repair and maintenance

Old proteins are constantly damaged and replaced

Good and bad proteins are used to repair and maintain the body.

After years of eating defective proteins the problems become wide spread
Eventually the protein fails to flex, it cracks, breaks down and fails, years later
We start to 'fall apart' after long term eating seeds, nuts, beans, grains, etc.

The biology of survival.

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